About Us


Branch Patty is a family owned business focused on the art of making Jamaican-style patties well since inception in 2013. The business was born from Chef Samuel Branch’s love of patties as a Caribbean child and perfected through his skill and perseverance as a professional chef. Branch Patty was re-launched in 2017 with his wife Lisa with an emphasis on serving with kindness and integrity in our ingredients.We don’t believe in serving anything we wouldn’t serve our own children! Our patties are produced in small batches by hand and free of the junk you find in many other brands. We look forward to providing everyone with the “Branch Patty Experience.”

Our Core Values

We believe in using real foods & not cutting corners. We love creating Caribbean flavors that make you feel good.

We source with integrity to get the best ingredients from farms and suppliers that are committed to the same values as we are.

We practice sustainability because we know these decisions will change the world and affect our children’s children.

We firmly believe in supporting other small businesses & our local community.

We love our customers and will feed them with the same respect we feed our own family.

We believe in paying it forward & donating as much as possible.